How To Manuals:

Instructional Manuel For Setting Up Your Profile and Account Details As A Virtual Mentor

Instructional manual for BJJ Virtual MentorsBJJ Mentor Session

How The BJJ Student Uses The Website: (Demonstration Of The Ordering Process And Mentor Session Creation)

Demo of the purchasing process and creating a mentoring session by a BJJ Student

How The BJJ Virtual Mentor Views Orders and Answers Mentoring Sessions: (Demonstration Of Mentor Dashboard and Answering Mentoring Sessions)

Demo of the BJJ Virtual Mentor Dashboard and How To Response To Mentoring Sessions

How A BJJ Virtual Mentor Closes An Answered Mentoring Session and Completes An Order: (Demonstration Of The Mentor Dashboard and Mentoring Session System)

Demonstration On How A Mentor Closes A Mentoring Session and Sets An Order To Completion Status To Gain Commission