BJJ Black Belt Mentoring Session by Fernando Pessoa One Topic Session

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Mentoring session with the black belt Fernando Pessoa

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My specialty

I am an expert in passing guards, I usually make a simple game, safe and glued, with a lot of pressure, giving no space or chance to the opponent.

Type of Instruction Can You Received From A Session:

You will learn from my techniques that concentrate on using efficiency, proper posture and pressure. I will teach you that the truely great BJJ is simple, fast and effective.

Here Are Samples of My Instructions and Videos:


My BJJ Game: 

For 5 years I am unbeaten in my weight category (heavy), I am a pressure passer and with my mentoring, you will have the opportunity to improve your game as an excellent passer does! I give very detail instructions. I have a simple and effective game as my teacher, Rilion Gracie. If your desire is to make a simple and effective game like true many traditional BJJ black belts do, I will be able to guide you and help you improve your jiu-jitsu.

This Mentor Session Is For One Topic:

Send me your question clearly, if you can, make a video detailing your question.

My Ranking

I am registered with CBJJ / IBJJF / UAEJJF and other entities in my country (CBJJE/CBLP/LBJJ). Currently I fight in the master on category I have several titles like:
3x world champion ( 2017/2018/2019)
5x Brazilian champion (2015/2016/2017/2018/2019
2x Pan American Champion (2015/2016)
1x South American Champion (2015)
Argentine champion (2015)
Paraguayan Champion. ( 2016)

Our team is 2x Brazilian champion per team and 2x world champion per team.


After you make your purchase, I will contact you from Monday to Friday to arrange our session, I always look at my emails from 1pm to 5pm and after 10pm.


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3 reviews for BJJ Black Belt Mentoring Session by Fernando Pessoa One Topic Session

  1. Rithiele Cristina

    Rithiele Cristina
    In addition to having incredible learning techniques, Fernando manages to reach the public of all ages with his charisma and his great didactics. Besides having a first-class training center, the teacher has knowledge that raises the level of all students. The training are well organized and has great performance, and have all the union’s tradition that keeps the team standing.

    Rithiele Cristina

  2. Samuel

    Professor Fernando is a very good trainer, and training with him is increasing my martial arts ability


  3. Emanuel

    I am proud to be a student of Professor Fernando Pessoa. When I met Professor Pessoa, I just wanted to train in a good environment and improve my BJJ. He is an experienced teacher and under his teaching pushed me so I could go much further than I expected. He believed in me and encouraged me. I am very grateful to him because the only medals I have won, gold, silver, and bronze, in Pan American, National and World, was through this team! My medals were won not only for my efforts but also for the efforts of Professor Fernando believing in me! Thank you, Fernando, you are an example that motivates me! Oss


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