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Type of Instruction Can You Received From A Session:

I am an active competitor and have a strong competitive background in BJJ. A mentoring session with me will be detailed and competitive focused utilizing a bottom game approach my game goal is obtaining a dominant position for finishing the match. As a lower weight class, I offer a unique approach to competing with larger opponents in competition.

My BJJ Game:

My game consists of a lot of De La Riva guard, reverse De La Riva, and closed guard. My main objective is to find a path to the back, so over the years, I’ve been crafting my game to develop more and more entries to the back from my best positions. I’m also only 140 pounds, so learning how to compete against people much bigger and stronger than me has been a necessity.

This Mentor Session Is For One Topic:
 Please be as descriptive as possible when describing the technique or concept you need help with, any visual aid you can provide would also be extremely helpful.



I can check your messages almost any time of the day, but I’ll usually be able to film response videos between 7 and 10pm Monday-Thursday, around 12pm Saturdays, and around 1-2 pm on Sundays. If any of these changes I’ll let you know personally. I’ll also do my best to send you a message immediately giving you my estimated time of filming your response video.


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