Brown Belt Mentoring Session By Nea Vanda Ouk – One Topic Session


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Type of instruction can you receive from a session: The type of instruction that I can offer is one where I can analyze the problem alongside the student. I will take my time to verbally explain the lesson in order to gain feedback and a thorough understanding of the lesson. I also can do video instructions, in which I would demonstrate the technique on a grappling dummy when it cannot be clearly explained through talking. If the question requires a live partner, I would have to put in the time to prerecord a video lesson according to the question.


My BJJ Games: My Jiu-Jitsu game specialty includes Butterfly Guard, Half Guard (top and bottom), Closed Guard, Mount, Knee on Belly transitions, attacks and sweeps.  My game also relies on cross collar control and Cross Choke submissions that may lead to other submissions.

Here Are Some Sample Videos Produced When I Was A Purple Belt:


Here Are A Sample Of My Personal Detailed Notes To Demonstrate The Careful Attention Of Detail I Apply To My Game:



This Mentor Session is for one topic:

Please present to me your topic of discussion in detail. If you have a video that can assist you in explaining the topic that would be encouraged.



My current availability is Monday through Friday in the Pacific Time Zone.


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