Fernando Pessoa
Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Pessoa


Only a true Champion can create anothers champions!


About me

My name is Fernando Pessoa, a Brazilian student of the master rilion gracie. I am 45 years old and have over 8 years experience as a teacher and 15 years experience as a fighter. I have a gym in my city and I am responsible for the Rilion Gracie franchise here, I have more than 150 students registered in my academy, and I have been teaching social projects (as voluntary)for 05 years, where adding all my students, comes to a total of 220 students .

My game !

For 5 years I am unbeaten in my weight category (heavy), I am a passer and with me you will have the opportunity to improve your game as an excellent passer does! I like details and make a simple and effective game as my master Rilion Gracie teaches us.If your desire is to make a simple and effective game like true BJJ does, I will be here to answer your questions and help you improve your jiu jitsu.

My Ranking

I am registered with CBJJ / IBJJF and other entities in my country. Currently I fight in the master on category I have several titles like:

  • 3x world champion ( 2017/2018/2019)
  • 5x brazilian champion (2015/2016/2017/2018/2019
  • 2x Pan American Champion  (2015/2016)
  • 1x South American Champion  (2015)
  • Argentine champion  (2015)
  • Paraguayan Champion.  ( 2016)

Our team is 2x Brazilian champion per team and 2x world champion per team.My hours are from 13 to 17 from Monday to Friday and night after 22h from Monday to Thursday.

May I help you?

If you have a question, or would like to know how to pass a guard more efficiently,detail by detail, send me your question and we will schedule a session to help you improve your jiu jitsu. I’m waiting for you!

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