BJJ Brown Belt (1st Degree) – Training since 2012 and Essentials Technique Class instructor since 2013.


My name is Nea Vanda Ouk. I am currently a Brown Belt that has been training since 2012. After receiving my Blue Belt in 2013, I started teaching the adult’s fundamentals class at my current BJJ academy. Through years of coaching and instruction, I am able to learn the basic techniques and deliver the content in an easy-to-understand manner. My experience with teaching these basic techniques provides me ample time to refine them through answering questions and efficiently coaching based on my own personal use during my own training experience. I prefer the basics for their simplicity and tried-and-true effectiveness, hence the Cross Choke being my favorite submission.


Training history:


My training history is mainly done in a Machado affiliated academy since 2012 and I am still currently training out of that school.


List your specialties:


My specialties include Cross Chokes and various ways to obtain them; learning new techniques and applying them in practical scenarios; and strong defensive and counter-based Jiu Jitsu.


My availability:


I am currently available Monday through Friday in the Pacific Time Zone.


We are all on our own BJJ journey. Some have gone a bit further than others. However, we are all a part of a growing community and I would love to help contribute to push and motivate anyone in the way that had helped me grow on my journey.

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