LLC wants you to experience a productive mentoring session.

Guidelines expected from mentee when purchasing an Online BJJ Virtual Mentoring session?

  • In order to begin your mentoring session, you are required to log in and begin the session. We ask you to begin your session within 24 hours of purchase to ensure the best service. If issues arise with your computer, internet connection or your ability to proceed with the session you must contact via the support page and pause or cancel your session within 24 Hours. Once your session is started with your mentor you are no longer able to cancel the service.
  • Strictly adhere to the number of topics allowed as per purchased mentor package. (For Example, If your mentor package is for one topic of discussion then please adhere to positioning your question around that topic.) If you require more assistance in multiple topics please purchase the mentoring session that properly relates to your number of topics you are looking to address.
  • Clearly explain your topic of discussion. You may use text, video, and photos to assist you in explaining your topic. All options are available via our platform to communicate with your mentor.
  • Topic(s) discussed must be specific and reasonable in nature. Topics that are unreasonable may be rejected by the mentor and reviewed by staff. At which time, may require you to modify your topic to a reasonable status to be processed. LLC reserves the right to cancel and refund any sessions that are deemed unreasonable or unrealistic to provided proper guidance by a mentor.
  • From time to time mentors may ask you to clarify your topic of discussion to better understand your needs. It is important you cooperate with your mentor to receive the best guidance as possible.
  • You may request a video from a mentor to help understand his/her content provided to you during the session to address your topic.
  • Please only use our platform to communicate with your mentor. Communicating outside our platform for a purchased service is a violation of our terms of services and will not be guaranteed by us. If your mentor suggests that you use another platform, please report this violation to our staff.

When purchasing a mentoring session with an Online Virtual BJJ Mentor expect the following services:

  • Mentors will provide you with clear instruction and guidance addressing the topic of your session. Please note: Mentors are only required to address the specific number of topics purchased for the Online Mentoring Session. Mentors are not required to answer additional topics presented if not included in the original package.
  • Mentors may request you to explain your topic in more detail to help understand and assist you. If your topic can not be explained in a clear manner via text, a video may be required to continue the session to demonstrate and clearly explain your topic. We ask you to cooperate with your mentor for the best guidance for your topic.
  • Mentors will address the topics of your session in a timely manner. This is subject to the complexity and the number of topics to be addressed in your session.
  • Mentors will close a session once the topics are addressed.
  • Mentors have a right to reject session if they feel they do not possess the expertise to answer your topic(s), or if the topic(s) is not a realistic/reasonable topic that can be answered by a practical solution. Rejected questions will be reviewed by staff and staff will determine if another mentor will be able to better answer the topics presented or if the topic is not a reasonable/realistic topic of discussion. At which time will discuss with you your options to allow another mentor to provided mentorship with you or may require you to clarify your topic to guidelines to be answered. Both You and have a right to cancel the service if options are not suitable.

Issues with the mentoring session:

Topic(s) not answered in session:

  • If you feel that the topic(s) you wanted to be addressed by the mentor was not specifically answered you may request that a review your session. will review your session and make an effort to clarify the information provided by the mentor. If it is determined by that the mentor’s response lacks proper guidance to address your topic of the discussion you may opt to have another mentor of equal cost answer your topic. will allow for a future credit of services or a refund if no remedy is agreed too.

    Please note: Once a refund is processed you will no longer have access to your previous sessions. In addition, reserves the right to block users from purchasing additional session if abuse of our policy is discovered.

Delays with mentors response:

  • If during your session you receive unusual delays in the mentor’s response please notify us immediately. will review your session and make an effort to resolve the issue. If it is determined by that the mentor’s response time is unreasonable you may opt to have another mentor of equal cost answer your topic(s). will allow for a future credit of services or a refund if no remedy is agreed too.

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