Modern Jiu-Jitsu Lapel guard, de la Riva & Arm Bar: Queixinho by BJJ Hacks

BJJ Hacks Presents Queixinho Modern Jiu Jitsu I tried playing a bit of a modified lapel guard yesterday and almost took the back twice when I switched over to de…   Queixinho in action! One of the leading competitive black belts in the game today show off some high percentage moves. BJJ Hacks does…


Lapel Guard Introductory By Keenan Cornelius

Lapel Guard introductory explain by Keenan Cornelius. The lapel guard is an amazing grip that allows you to control your opponent’s posture, immobilizing one side of his body. It opens your game to be able to attack and sweep using a number of techniques as your opponent is immobilized and restricted in movement. A great tool…

Lapel Closed Guard

5 Attacks From Lapel Closed Guard

I’ve done a number lapel closed guard videos recently. And this time I thought I would cover 5 attacks. From this great position. The great thing about the lapel closed guard – is that it’s relatively easy to get…and when you have it. It’s very difficult for your training partner to unravel. In other words,…

lapel guard sweep

Lapel Guard Sweep with Jude Samuel

One of the UK’s first black belts, Jude Samuel, showcases a sweep from lapel guard — the ‘Legacy Sweep’. Jude received his black belt under Mauricio Gomes, who was one of the legendary Rolls Gracie’s students. Lapel Guard Sweep Jude Samuel, demonstrates a lapel guard sweep called — the ‘Legacy Sweep’. It is a variation…


Worm guard sweep with triangle choke spectacular movement BJJ Eastern European open 2018

Amazing footage from the BJJ Eastern European Open. A tough competition. We are seeing some great talent displayed in this venue. Here is an awesome worm guard sweep to a triangle finish! The Creator of the Worm Guard Sweep (Keenan): Keenan Cornelius is an amazing competitor and innovator. His Lapel Guard system has been proven…