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Why these 3 Slick Saddle Entries by Eddie Cummings Are So High Percentage

  Eddie Cummings demonstrates 3 sneaky entries into the saddle position! Eddie Cummings does an excellent job describing these three situational entries into the saddle position from butterfly guard. We see him dominate most of his matches with his leg attack sequences. However, getting to those sequences are the true chore. Here he brakes down…


What Eddie Wolverine Cummings A No-Gi Leglock Specialist Thinks About IBJJF

Eddie Wolverine Cummings ‘ Thoughts about Competition Eddie Wolverine Cummings does a great interview with BJJ Hacks and answers a lot of questions about his training, his progression in the sport and what he thinks about the direction of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Leg locks are a strong part of his game but it is interesting to…


Why Using Youtube To Learn BJJ Online Is So Important – Keenan Cornelius

Learn BJJ Online We see BJJ Instructors like the Mendes brothers, Renzo Gracie and others leaning more and more to digital learning platforms. Internet learning is not a new concept. Nowadays there are many online universities providing accredited degrees for all types of professions. Is e-learning a valuable tool for learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? There…