50/50 guard escape by Craig Jones

Why Craig Jones Uses This Method To Expose The Heel From 50/50 Guard

EXPOSING HEEL FROM 50/50 BY CRAIG JONES: In this BJJ Techniques video, Craig Jones teaches Exposing Heel From 50/50 Guard. This is a clip off of his new instructional “Battle Tested Down Under Leg Locks” [bctt tweet=”Craig Jones is one of the best grapplers in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Known for his impressive lower body attacks…

Virtual BJJ Mentor

Ask Your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Questions To A Qualified Virtual BJJ Mentor

Do You Have Questions About BJJ Techniques? Ask A Virtual BJJ Mentor! What is a Virtual BJJ Mentor? It’s a qualified BJJ Practitioner who will answer your technical Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu questions virtually via a robust question and answer forum. The system allows a practitioner such as yourself to engage a virtual mentor in a conversation…